We have developed a unique and sustainable concept: the Transloader, a glass inloader for the transportation of glass and general cargo. By using a foldable glass stillage, it is possible to employ two types of transport. Glass in one direction and general cargo in the other direction. This is a completely new and patented concept!

  • 25,2 tonnes glass
  • 60% CO2 reductions
  • 13,6m aluminium glass inloader
  • Safe fixation/TÜV certification
  • Combination glass/general cargo
  • 10-15% reduction on transport costs
  • Patented concept

CO2 reduction

The Transloader helps to further reduce CO2 emissions; reductions can go up to 60%! Furthermore, this concept brings less trucks on the road for the same volume and it leads to less 'empty' kilometres. Just imagine the lower transport costs! The trailer has a length of 13.6 meters. This, combined with the well-established inloader principle, allows the Transloader to also be used for transporting jumbo size float glass up to 9 meters.
The trailer can transport up to 25.2 tonnes in 40-tonnes countries.


Transloader kaartje zonder bovenkant


General cargo

Similar to a regular inloader, the stillage of the Transloader can be driven out of the trailer for easy unloading. The stillage stays with the trailer, even if general cargo is being loaded. A Transloader in 'general cargo' mode can transport up to 33 Europallets or 26 industrial pallets.