New glass inloader transports glass with a length of 9 meters

December 10, 2020


Developments on innovation have always been part of the DNA of Van Huët Glass Logistics. To meet the demands and to strengthen the position of Van Huët in the field of glass logistics, investments in innovating on lighter and improved glass inloaders have been made. Van Huët's latest development is the glass inloader which can transport float glass with a length of 9 meters!




Lightweight ánd less glass damage

Van Huët's glass inloaders have become increasingly lighter over the years, which means more packages of floatglass can be taken along. The new lightweight aluminium inloaders can transport glass up to 9m and mixed loads easily without any other effort for the customer or driver. The patented e-push system enhances safety and prevention of nearly all possible glass damage during transport.


Innovation and the environment

Van Huët Glass Logistics wants to continuously provide its customers with added value. Not only in the lowest price, but also in terms of innovation and the environment. The improved glass inloaders fit perfectly in the range of innovative and sustainable logistics solutions all divisions of the Emons Group have to offer. Immediate cost- and environmental benefits are secured.

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