Third generation in family business

December 10, 2015


For a month now, since November 1 to be exact, Daan Emons holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Emons Group BV in Milsbeek. He can count himself as the third generation which has the final responsibility of the company. Previously, his father, Sjang Emons and his grandfather Wim Emons preceded him.

Innovative and specialized

Where grandfather Wim started Emons Transportation in 1943, the company has grown nowadays into the Emons Group BV, an organization with four divisions which approach markets in an innovative and specialized manner. These divisons include Emons Cargo, with the 2WIN-concept which can transport 63% more cargo through the use of a dual charger. The second division is Van Huët Glastransport. Within this division is glass transported in an innovative and sustainable way. Anhänger- und Fahrzeugbau Meierling in Hagen, Germany is specialized in the manufacturing of aluminum trailers. And finally there is Hofmans, where it concerns itself with the transport and processing of champost.

One step ahead

Daan tells: "Over the years I found the passion for trucks, logistics and all that comes with it firsthand, through my grandfather Wim and even more so by my father Sjang. It was therefore inevitable that I would end up in the same world." He can make very clear why he has lost his heart to the company. "The beauty of the Emons Group is that you can experience, no matter what division, that innovation and specialization is in our DNA. We create sustainable solutions for and with the customer and we are always trying to be that one step ahead of our competitors! The colleagues are all passionate people who are working with passion in their profession: transport & logistics!

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