Get to know the team: Osterweddingen

January 21, 2020

Frank Schmidt, Bernhard Blaik, Alicja Stepien, Dorothea Schudrowicz, Daniel Nowak, and Oscar van Hout (country manager)The history of the Emons Group in Germany dates back to 1998. This marks the year when cooperation started with Euroglas in Haldensleben. This was joined in 2006 by the second glassworks from Euroglas in Osterweddingen.

After many years of having our base at Euroglas internally, our own branch in Osterweddingen opened in mid-2015, on the Appendorfer road, directly between Euroglas and AGC| Glass.

European hub

Here, with a professional team consisting of office staff and drivers, we provide excellent service to our customers. We also offer facilities for all Emons Group drivers with a Drivers Home, secure parking, a driver change location and everything else that our drivers need to do their job properly. These include fleet management, customer service, driver training and driver guidance on location at our clients' premises. Given its geographical location and activities, this is a true European hub for the Emons Group.


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