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Afbeelding voor Van Huët and Saint Gobain make glass logistics greener

Commitment to the same values and objectives is the base for great partnerships. This is the case with Saint Gobain and Van Huët, working together for a greener future in glass logistics.”

Roland Tonk – General Manager Van Huët

For a range of years already, Van Huët has a dedicated fleet up to 60 inloaders available for Saint Gobain. Since the 1st of January of this year, a total of 20 dedicated Van Huët trucks and trailers have been operating on Saint Gobain’s lanes in order to make glass logistics greener. We are talking of course of 20 Van Huët extra-light aluminum inloaders; but in this case, the tractor units are no less sustainable than the trailers they transport.

Afbeelding voor Bio-LNG saves 100% CO2 emissions

Bio-LNG saves 100% CO2 emissions

These trucks are all powered by alternative fuels, in particular Bio-LNG. This means that in one single year, we can save for Saint Gobain Glass Logistics up to 100% CO2 emissions.

In more concrete numbers: 2 million and one hundred thousand kg of CO2 on an annual basis!

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our organisation. A strong commitment to finding sustainable solutions is to be found in the entire organisation of the Emons Group, where Van Huët takes proud part in. The way to zero emissions is still long and challenging, but Saint Gobain and Van Huët are showing the path to follow. This partnership is a clear example of what can be achieved by uniting the strengths of companies determined to move forward and reach their green goal.