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Innovation and sustainability are part of our DNA. That’s why we would like to introduce you to our latest revolutionary development: our 2BEE!




Van Huët developed a unique and sustainable concept: Transloader, a glass inloader for glass transport and general cargo.



Van Huet ELT++

The ELT++ concept increases the loading capacity by 23% without increasing the total weight or exceeding the maximum allowable weight (40 tons in most European countries).




Logiglass is an environmental friendly concept that can transport small sized unpacked glass more efficiently.


Van Huët Glass Logistics

Van Huët Glass Logistics is a specialist in the field of glass logistics in Europe and a leading player in this market. The company is a division of the Emons Group in Milsbeek (NL). With 5 subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands, we provide logistics services to the European glass industry. Our target is to grow and strengthen our position in the glass logistics market.

About us

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The 2BEE concept is a good example of 'Best Emons Efficiency'. The hydraulic system that is normally used inside a regular inloader has been removed. The glass is now secured directly onto the glass stillage, using a patented load securing system.

 What do we do?

“We deliver cost reduction, carbon emission saving and excellent customer service.”

Daan Emons, Emons Group

You can reduce CO2!


Van Hüet

APK Keurmeester (NL)

January 12, 2021 - Omdat we het erg belangrijk vinden de kennis over ons gespecialiseerde materieel in huis te houden, investeren we volop in ons monteursteam. We vinden het fantastisch als... Read more »

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